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More OB

We work with Salus Global to quantify the performance of their services to hospital clients using econometrics and behavioral science. Our work led to a redesign its performance assessment of the patient safety program for hospital OB units across Canada. In 2020, I was also appointed to be a member on Salus Global’s Evidence Advisory Board.


Broadband Market Study

Partnering with the Competition Bureau, we conducted a randomized control trial and showed the practice of bundling broadband with other related services (e.g., cable, phone) creates a strategic advantage for telecom operators by increasing consumers’ perception of: (1) cost savings (i.e., more value), and (2) Convenience (i.e., reduced friction costs) while the objective costs are held constant compared with non-bundled services. This strategic advantage of bundling is heightened when marketers emphasize these benefits in their marketing communications as not all consumers think of the cost savings and convenience without being reminded of them. Click on this link to access the full report. 


We worked with MDRC and the National Domestic Violence Hotline in the US to better manage repeat or abusive callers and to ensure that callers in need receive timely help. In addition, we also partnered with  MDRC and the Vermont State Government to increase the uptake of participation in Reach Ahead and TANF for the unemployed.


Leveraging data science and network optimization techniques, we partnered with Mars Supply Chain to investigate their food delivery efficiency across Canada. We built a model and optimized the total delivery cost by load, mode, product type, storage requirement, and destination. The optimized model is estimated to save MARS approximately 1 million a year in freight cost. 


Organ Donation

In partnership with Service Ontario and BIU, we conducted a field experiment (N = 3,330) in Ontario, Canada, testing the effectiveness of behaviorally informed promotion interventions as well as process improvements. Our careful analysis based on rigorous econometrics show the best-performing intervention nearly doubled the registration rate from 4.1% in the control condition to 7.4%. Our study provides evidence for low-cost, scalable marketing solutions that increase organ donor registrations in a prompted choice context and has important implications for public policy and societal welfare.

Driver's License Sticker Renewal

Prior to our field experiment intervention, Ontario spent $35 million annually on infrastructure needed

for in-person license plate sticker renewals. In Canada’s most populous province, only 10% of renewals occurred online. Partnering with Service Ontario and BIU, our intervention tested variations in messaging mailed with sticker renewal forms that encouraged consumers to renew online. Our best performing intervention combination achieved a 41.7% relative increase in online renewals.

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